DIY Stress Balls


Lets face it stress balls aren't just for adults! Stress balls are great for kids and are amazing sensory tools. They are great for all kids but especially those who like to fidget or stims.  For an example while your kid is doing homework put the stress ball in the opposite hand that they write with to help them focus! Stress balls are super easy to make and the materials used are inexpensive! Lets get started!

What you Need

  • ½ cup Flour (per balloon, give or take some)
  • Funnel
  • Empty water bottle, make sure its dry
  • Balloon


1. Put funnel into the water bottle, and pour flour through it.

2. Stretch the balloon around the opening of the water bottle.

3. Turn water bottle upside down and squeeze the flour into the balloon. Make sure to use some pressure because the air helps the balloon open up so the flour can all go in.

4. After the flour is all in, pinch the balloon and release it from the bottle.

5. The balloon should have a snug fit to the flour inside it. Just make sure there isn't t very much extra air in the balloon.

6. Tie the balloon.

7. Have fun and squeeze!

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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

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