Is your partner pregnant, and you are at a loss for words? When you heard the unexpected news, maybe you felt angry, sad, confused, or even in denial. These are all normal emotions to feel with an unplanned pregnancy. You are not alone. We at New Life Clinic are not only here to support women, but men as well. You may be asking yourself…

  • “Is she really pregnant?”
  • “How am I supposed to be a father?”
  • “Why wasn’t she more careful?”
  • “What am I supposed to do now?”

How Do I Support My Partner?

Your partner needs you now more than ever. It’s important that you are there for her and that she knows she is not alone. You both have never been through this before, and you will both need time to adjust as you navigate this pregnancy. Try your best to keep open communication between the two of you, and listen to her needs. Surround yourselves with people you trust in this time, and receive the education and pregnancy information you need to move forward with confidence.

Testing & Treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections

If you are sexually active, you should be tested at least once a year for a sexually transmitted infection. STI’s can have a range of signs and symptoms, including no symptoms at all, and can go unnoticed until complications occur. If you’ve been exposed, are showing signs or symptoms, or considering sex with a new partner, call today for an appointment to be tested by our licensed medical personnel.

Fatherhood Program

Men have an incredible opportunity to impact their kids’ lives and change them for the better. Whether you’re a first-time dad or you’ve been one for years, we will walk alongside you as you discover the joys of being a dad and learn to overcome the rough spots. 

Free Pregnancy Support

Get the support you and your partner need with our free and confidential pregnancy services at New Life Clinic. Confirm her pregnancy and learn about the options that are available. Our team is here to support you and come alongside you in this time.

Schedule your free and confidential appointment today to learn more.