I’ve noticed that sometimes I treat my family and friends (those closest to me) with far less respect then I do others. When I go into a store to purchase something or into a restaurant to be served, I’m usually pretty polite. I thank the cashier or my waiter for they’re service. I give a pleasant smile. I might even spend a little time encouraging a stranger or sharing a laugh.

Why is it than, when I come into the presence of family I tend to drop the congeniality? I might have an opinion to share or a bone to pick or a few harsh words to get out. Shame on me! Call it whatever you will (“letting you’re guard down” or “being comfortable enough with someone to be real” or “letting you’re loved ones see you at you’re worst”) but treating my family worse then I treat others is simply wrong and I want to fix it!

I think many would agree that humans in general can and should do a better job of treating our families with respect and honor. Of course, in times of pain and heartache we tend to cling to one another for love and support, but I’m talking here about how we treat each other in our daily routines.

Mother Theresa, a woman who devoted her life to giving, loving, and relating to others, spoke these words:

“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love you’re family.”

Wow! If we could all heed that simple advice, how different would our world really be? I want to encourage anyone reading this to spend some time considering how you can better love and relate to you’re family. When a harsh word is spoken, exercise grace by holding you’re tongue. When tempers flare, be the one ready to put them out with the cooling waters of forgiveness. Rather then worry about having you’re own needs met, think of what you might do to meet a family members’ needs.

When its all said and done, can any of us really survive this life without relationship? Let’s make a conscious effort, than, to relate better to the ones we are closest to. At the New Life Clinic we value relationships and we understand the need for strengthening families. This fall we are offering a class that will do just that! I hope you’ll join us for Relationships 101 as we learn together how to go home and love our families! Check out the Connections calendar on our website or call the front desk (937-382-2424) for more information.