In The Midst Of It All

In the midst of it all I know one thing we can all agree on, 2020 has been one insane year to say the least. It seems any curve ball that could have been thrown at us, has been. But I truly believe through it all we have all learned extremely valuable life lessons! We have learned what is really important to us and what is not. We have learned how precious life can be and how we can all be vulnerable at times. And of course we have determined the people we want to spend more time with and those who we had tolerated. More than anything as a society we have learned how to slow down. And from my perspective although it was rough in the beginning, slowing down has been an awesome life changer!

Once I was forced to slow down, I now had time to do all the things I kept putting off. I had more time to spend with my family. I was able to slow down and truly appreciate my husband , instead of stressing about the little things, like him not finishing remodeling my bathroom (which still is not done). And I had the time to really talk to each of my kids and try to teach them the important things, like how amazing God is. And since we were always with each other instead of chasing crazy schedules, I learned so many things I never knew about my own children. I learned that my oldest craves one-on-one attention, that my youngest is so crazy smart already, and I defiantly learned what makes my son with autism “tick” and even better, I had more time to help him through his frustrations.

Now that time has slowed down I don’t want it to speed back up.