Let's Let Our Kids Be Kids

With warm weather just around the corner I can’t help but think about how different kids are today. I remember playing outside until my mom would make me come in because it was getting dark and close to my bedtime. I remember doing kid things, like playing in the dirt, climbing trees, catching bugs, and all sorts of stuff. Kids today want to be on there tablets, phones, or video games. And sadly its not just the kids we as parents are being lazy parents. I mean how easy is it to hand your little one a tablet so you can finish cleaning or just have some peace and quiet.

We as the parents have become part of the problem. We are taking the easy way out. But what we are not realizing is by taking the easy way out  we are missing out on making memories with our kids! We are forgetting the  real kid things like teaching them swim, climb a tree, ride a bike etc. They are only little once, we need to step up and have some fun with our kids!

Not only are kids no longer playing, kids are growing up way too fast. At such a young age they become all about the way the look, what pictures they have on social media, what fashion is in etc. What happened to letting kids be kids? What happened to going outside and catching butterflies and when it turns dark catching lighting bugs?

I’am making it a goal of mine this summer to let my kids be kids. Let them get dirty, let them play, let them explore! I can always clean the dirt off my floors I can’t get this time back with them.