As I sit here thinking about my life and the way it has gone, I’m grateful for the Lord and his mercy. My life could have turned out so much differently. I was a 16 year old girl heading in the wrong direction, with no direction if that makes sense. When I became pregnant at 16, I panicked to say the least, this was not my plan. Where do I go, what do I do? My boyfriend was heading in a direction far worse then I was at the time.

Which way do we go? What do we do? Well it was time to grow up…as much as two 16 year-old kids could I guess. We told our parents and that was not an easy task. It took me three whole months just to tell my parents. And no they were not happy, not happy is a huge understatement. My mom told me I was to stay away from my boyfriend that he would be gone in six months anyway. We didn’t stay away from each other, we pushed through that rule. So my mom said he would have to prove himself, so he did. And we ended upgetting married and having a bouncing baby boy! It was scary to say the least, we were responsible for this tiny human that needed so much of us 24/7. There were a lot of sleepless nights, tears, spit up, getting peed on, and lets not forget all the expenses of diapers, formula and clothes. I felt like I was drowning in my own situation, I was only a kid raising a kid! But little did I know, that boy I was raising saved my life and his daddy’s life.

You see God used our sin to help save us from that road we were traveling down that was gonna lead us to a dead end. I think with out that little boy are lives would be very different and we wouldn’t have his little sister, I wouldn’t be the Gammy of three precious grandsons. So some times when we think ” boy I really messed up ” God may have a different plan, a different road for us to take for the better.

Written By: Dee Moore, Client Advocate