Since Friday, I have seen a lot of information shared on different forms of media.  Some of that information is not true and is causing panic in some women.  I want to take the time to set the record straight.

  1. The Supreme Court did NOTrule that abortions are illegal.  What they did say is that the United States Constitution does not say women have a right to an abortion.  This just means that abortions should be a state decision.  They have only turned this decision over to the people to decide in their states with their representatives.  This means each individual state now has the rights to decide how they want to handle abortions in their borders.
  2. Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill ISin effect.  The Heartbeat Bill was signed into law in April of 2019 but has been held up in court from going into law.  Friday night a judge lifted the injunction against the Heartbeat Bill which now makes it illegal for abortions to occur after a fetal heartbeat is detected.
  3. A woman will NOTgo to jail if she has an abortion. Currently (in Ohio) abortions are still legal up until a fetal heartbeat is found.  If a woman obtains an abortion after a fetal heartbeat, she will not be the one facing legal charges.  The person performing, prescribing or assisting to obtain the abortion will be the ones prosecuted.
  4. Women will still receive care if they have an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage. The biggest lie being told is that women in these situations will not receive care.  This is because there is a difference between a medical abortion and an elective abortion.  A medical abortion is performed by an OB/GYN when the pregnancy is no longer viable.  This means the baby has died or is growing in a place outside of the uterus where it will not be able to grow.  Women will still be able to obtain these medical abortions anywhere in Ohio.  An elective abortion is where a woman chooses to abort a pregnancy that is viable, meaning the baby is growing inside the uterus and shows all signs of life.
  5. Abortion Pills are NOT Statistics show you are 4 times more likely to suffer complications and need emergency room care from a medication abortion (abortion pill) than a surgical one.  This is actually a huge number since the only complications abortionists are required to report are the deaths!
  6. Pro-Life Centers care for both mother and the baby.  We have staff that has had abortions and they know firsthand the trauma and years of torment and pain it can cause.  Post-Abortion Stress (PAS) is real and can cause damaging coping mechanisms such as eating disorders, drug addiction, alcoholism, and problems with future relationships.  We know these women will wonder for years, who would my child be today? What would they look like? New Life Clinic supports women throughout their pregnancy and that is life giving for the baby and the mother!
  7. Pro-Life Centers do care about the baby after it’s born.At New Life Clinic we help parents with online and in-person classes to help be the best parent they can be.  We also help provide material needs (formula, diapers, clothing, cribs, car seats etc.) for the child (FOR FREE) up through 2-years old.  At age 3 we refer them to multiple county resources and schools that can help.  We also work with many organizations so if there is a need that we cannot provide – we will help find someone who can help.

For anyone who is suffering from the trauma of a past abortion, we offer Post-Abortion Recovery classes.  These classes are with other women who have an abortion in their past.  Together you will go through a study to address the range of emotions and coping strategies you have experienced, in order to help you to a happier and emotionally healed lifestyle.