At sixteen I found myself in a situation I never imagined I would be in, I was pregnant. Where do I go from here? What do I do? How do I tell my parents? And to make things even harder I was some what of a church girl and my boyfriend at the time was the grandson of a very well known pastor in the community.

I found myself at a pregnancy resource center, they of course confirmed my worst fears that I was in fact one month pregnant. They talked to me and my boyfriend about our options and even offered to help me tell my parents. At that time abortion had never even entered our minds, we knew that it was time to grow up. Telling my mom was especially hard,  she called me a few not so nice names and told me that my boyfriend would leave me. I then told my boyfriend to leave I didn’t want him to have to completely change his entire life for me because I got pregnant. But he chose to stay and stand by me and our unborn baby.

After proving to both of our parents that we were serious and ready to be parents we got married when I was seven months pregnant. And believe it or not we are still married to this day! We have been married 30 years and now have 2 kids and 3 handsome grandsons. It wasn’t easy but with lots of prayers and the grace of God we made it!

The pregnancy resource center was a huge blessing in our lives! Just knowing that they were there if we ever needed anything was so comforting. They we’re there to help us in so many ways even if we just needed to talk or vent about how hard things were. They never showed any judgement just a heart of grace and love.

I’am now a volunteer at New Life Clinic because of my experience with being sixteen and pregnant, I’m here waiting for that sixteen year old girl to walk thru the doors to encourage her and to tell her she’s not alone.

Written by: Dee Moore