Recently while driving down the road I asked God why, why does my son have so many challenges to overcome? Why can’t he just be “normal?” I’ve seen drug addicts have perfectly normal kids, that they have completely taken for granted. Why him? Why me? I did everything right during my pregnancy!

And I had to stop myself, what was I saying? Was I saying that my son is too difficult? Or that he is a burden to me? Well no of course not and I wouldn’t change him for the world. I wouldn’t be the mom I am today if it wasn’t for him. At the age of three he has taught me more then he will ever realize.

We are only human and we get so caught up in life sometimes that we just focus on the “why.” Why is this happening? Why me? When we should really be focusing on the present and the “how.” How is this changing my life for the better? How can I use this to help others? How can I make this better? We may never know the “why” and perhaps it isn’t as important as we think it is. The “why” wouldn’t change anything. I would still be a busy mom to this wonderful little boy who for the time being thinks all of his therapy is like a play date. Focusing on the “why” will only distract me from being the best mom I can be.