What Is Ectopic Pregnancy?

Maybe you’re confident that you want to place your child for adoption, or perhaps you just started considering the idea.

Every woman’s situation is unique, and the adoptive process today allows the birth mother to decide what type of adoption is best for her life circumstances.

How Does Open Adoption Work?

Open adoption allows the birth mother to choose the family that adopts her child and decide how involved she wants to be in the child’s life.

Many times, choosing the adoptive parents can reassure the birth mother that her child will be a part of a loving family, and it can give the birth mother the peace of mind she needs, knowing that she can still get to know her child.

In an open adoption, the birth mother has the freedom to decide the type and amount of interaction. This interaction can range from receiving photos/videos as updates and having periodic communication with the adoptive family to attending milestone celebrations like birthdays and graduations for their child.

If you feel it’s not the right time for you to raise a child, but you want to be involved in your child’s life, open adoption could be a good option for you.

Other Types of Adoption

While open adoption is common, it is not the right choice for everyone. Some women may feel it would be too difficult to have contact with their child. Regardless of the type of adoption you choose, know that it is a very loving decision.

Other types of adoption include:

  • Semi-open adoption: You can contact the adoptive family and your baby through a professional adoption agency while keeping your personal information confidential.
  • Closed adoption: You have no contact with your baby or the adoptive family, and the adoptive family has no contact with you. The court seals all adoptive information.


Some women are hesitant to choose adoption due to the future medical expenses of the pregnancy. In most cases, the adoptive family pays for the medical costs, and some women may also qualify for assistance with rent and groceries.

Do not allow the financial burden of pregnancy to keep you from choosing to place your child for adoption.

Get the Support You Deserve

The team at New Life Clinic is here to answer your questions about your options and help support you on the journey of making the best choice for your future.

First, confirming your pregnancy with a lab-quality pregnancy test and having a follow-up ultrasound scan is essential. Learning these details about your pregnancy can help you better understand your options.

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