What Is Ectopic Pregnancy?

After an egg is fertilized, it typically travels through the fallopian tube and implants in the uterine lining. However, in an ectopic pregnancy, after fertilization, the egg implants outside the uterus in the ovary, fallopian tube, cervix, or abdominal cavity.

Without proper treatment, an ectopic pregnancy can cause serious health complications and may even become life-threatening.

Seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of the following symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy.

  • Shoulder pain
  • Extreme lightheadedness or fainting
  • Severe abdominal or pelvic pain with vaginal bleeding

Causes and Risk Factors of Ectopic Pregnancy

Damage to the fallopian tube, hormonal imbalances, or an abnormally fertilized egg may cause ectopic pregnancies. However, in some cases, the cause is unknown.

You may be at increased risk for an ectopic pregnancy if you have the following conditions:

Diagnosis of an Ectopic Pregnancy

Early detection of an ectopic pregnancy is key.

If you think you could be pregnant, confirming your pregnancy with a lab-quality pregnancy test is the first step. Then, you will receive a follow-up ultrasound scan that can determine the location of your pregnancy.

If your pregnancy is ectopic, you will need immediate medical intervention.

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