Why You Should Support Your Local Pro-Life Pregnancy Center – Even if You're Pro-Choice

I have been working at the New Life Clinic as a Client Advocate for a little over 2 years and have
numerous reasons why everyone should support their local pro-life pregnancy center. Most of those
reasons are for those who support life in all aspects, but recently I found a reason why a Pro-Choice
advocate should too.

I took a phone call one day while working at New Life Clinic from a woman who asked if we did
abortions. Actually, that’s not exactly what she said because she couldn’t say the word…. abortion. Her
words said she recently found out she was pregnant but she didn’t want to be anymore. She wanted to
know if we could help with that. I went on to explain that – No, we do not, but I could give her as much
information about it as she wanted.

The woman seemed relieved to hear that. She agreed to come in and talk. Would you know it……….?
That was all she needed – was to talk. This woman had many stresses on top of her and at such a young
age I could understand why she would consider abortion. But, she had only been sitting with the idea of
her pregnancy for a couple days. She could only see the problems in front of her and she was scared.
She was dealing with depression and a bad week. I could tell from our conversation that she was trying
to juggle too many balls in the air, (figuratively of course) and was having a hard time concentrating or
thinking clearly.

When I am faced with a woman in a crisis pregnancy, or a woman not wanting to be pregnant anymore,
our typical policy is to walk the girl down the 3 options she has. 1. Parenting 2. Adoption 3. Abortion.
We try to make sure the woman completely understands the pros and cons of all 3 options in hopes that
when she does make her decision, she is making one that can live with for the rest of her life.

I’m sure if you Pro-Choice and still reading this, you are wondering why I suggest you should donate to a
Pro-Life center and here’s the reason. This woman called an abortion clinic before calling the New Life
Clinic. Something the receptionist at the abortion clinic said, made this girl a little nervous and that’s
why she called us. Now – what do you think would’ve happened if she went to the abortion clinic
before she came to New Life Clinic? I’m sure you can imagine what would’ve happened. If you have
ever seen the movie Unplanned or read any testimonies from an ex-Planned Parenthood employee –
you know what was going to happen. They would have pressured her into a decision she would’ve
regretted the rest of her life . Now how Pro-Choice is that?

I’m happy to say this woman knew within a few hours that she couldn’t abort her baby and she was
going to choose parenting. She felt she was robbing her other child of their brother or sister and that
was something she couldn’t live with.

Therefore, if you truly want a woman to be fully informed about her pregnancy decisions, be sure they
go to a Pro-Life Pregnancy center. Not only will the peer counselors talk about every option thoroughly,
they will also provide you with multiple local resources that can help through pregnancy, parenting and
adoption. Believe it or not, they will also provide resources for post-abortion counseling for when the
decision gets too hard to live with.

If you are interested in donating or helping to support the New Life Clinic, please go to
https://www.newlifesupport.org/get-involved/donate or call the clinic at (937) 382-2424.

Written by Client Advocate Courtney Hoak